XE Money Transfer is an international money transfer Company that has existed for over twenty years. It is one of the most reputable foreign exchange businesses. It allows both individual and business transfers. The company offers international money transfers, forward contracts, market orders, mass payments and regular transfers. XE Money Transfer deals with 139 currencies and they transfer money to over 130 countries in the world. The personal customers do not pay any transfer fees though there is an application of the nominal exchange rate margin. It also provides currency hedging tools, account managers for the business clients and payments API for businesses receiving payments.

XE Money Transfer is widely trusted. Customers can easily set up an online account with them and make their currency exchange transactions. Their method of payments is through personal bank accounts, debit cards or credit cards. Services by XE Money Transfer can be accessed all day using their secure online platform. Customer assistance is also available including assistance of a personal account manager for huge transfer amounts. In case a client needs advice on a specific rate, wants to make multiple payments or has complex needs, they are always ready to assist. Regular updates on a client’s transfer are provided via SMS or email. It is highly convenient as most of their transactions are usually completed within the same working day.

Pros of XE Money Transfer services

Setting up of money transfers with the company is quick and easy. The customers are able to sign up and make a transfer both on mobile and desktop. The XE Money Transfer’s homepage is clear and very easy to understand. Money transfer can take one to two days.

It allows regular transfers and phone transfers which is convenient for their customers. Money transfers can be done from anywhere and their mobile app is available in both Android and IOS.

XE Money Transfer provides multilingual customer support. It provides local phone support to their clients. The languages available are English, French and Spanish.

XE Money Transfer is reliable and safe. It has been regulated in different countries by the FCA. It is a better way to transfer money internationally than using banks. The recipient is assured of receiving the funds.

The company’s services are affordable. It does not charge any fees for carrying out transfers. Any existing mid-market rates attract a low nominal margin fee.

Cons of XE Money Transfer services.

There is lack of transparency when it comes to their fees. Customers are only notified of the fees charged towards the final step of their transfer.

XE Money Transfer has no cash pickup locations for the recipients. They do not offer travel cards or digital wallets which may be limiting to most of people.

The company’s website is only in English language so any client who cannot read English is at a disadvantage


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  1. XE Money Transfer does not offer additional pay-in options. Customers are not able to pay for their transfer by debit or credit cards. Their services do not include airtime top up or mobile wallet.

    • There are no guaranteed exchange rates and it does not support standing orders. The advantage is that it has no limits on the minimum or maximum amount that can be transferred.

      • TorFX offers Multi-Currency support with over sixty currencies. It allows both exotic and regular trade. The customers are able to send money from their host country to their destinations without changing from one currency to another. This prevents the loss of any money during the exchange process.

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