WorldRemit is a money transfer company that deals with ninety different currencies across 150 countries worldwide. The services offered by WorldRemit are bank deposits, cash pickup, mobile money, top-ups of airtime and any international transfers. They have a diverse team with over 1000 employees in the world. The company’s online platform enables customers to access their services at their own comfort from their phones or computer. The company’s mission is to make it possible to send money online in a fast and easy way. They want their customers to use shortest time possible to perform their transfers and at an affordable rate.

Their introduction of a money transfer app has just made the process of money transfer much more convenient. It allows one to register an account with them then access their services. Customers can also verify their account making it simpler to conduct transactions. For clients who make payments using credit cards can also easily manage their cards through the WorldRemit account website. WorldRemit allows the use of WhatsApp to get notifications on their WorldRemit transaction status and this is even more convenient. Their services include getting regular updates on the exchange rates for specific currencies direct to your phone. This makes it much easier to make a decision on the appropriate time to make a money transfer when the exchange rates are favourable.

Pros of WorldRemit services

WorldRemit services are fast and efficient. The use of their online platform to transfer money is fast. It guarantees transactions within minutes. Family and friends will be able to receive the money sent instantly and without any hitches. Its simplicity allows their customer to perform transactions from their laptops and smart phones. The app is quick and money reaches the recipients within minutes.

WorldRemit Company is among the most affordable money transfers providers available. They offer zero fees for their first time customers and any preceding fees are at a low cost. They ensure that all their clients are aware of all the fees required before the transactions and their exchange rates are competitive. What is even more amazing is that you get discount offers for referring people to their service.

Services at WorldRemit are secure and safe for all their clients. Money is guaranteed to be transferred safely and on time. The company is also registered and licensed by government regulators making it trustworthy and reliable. Their industry leading technology helps in protecting clients’ money and ensuring timely arrival to recipients.

WorldRemit is easy to use as the features in its platform are seamless with simple instructions to follow. The platform is smooth without any hitches during the transaction process. It is simple and straight forward but in case there are any difficulties, the customer care team is always willing to help out 24hours daily.

The company has a variety of payment options for their customers. Their clients can make their payments using bank transfers, credit cards and even debit cards. Their numerous payment options makes it more convenient and attracts more customers to use their money transfers services.

WorldRemit has a wide presence in the market making it a reliable service provider. Its services are available in over 140 countries in the world. Customers are able to send money to their loved ones internationally and over 90 currencies are included in their exchange services.

The company has numerous delivery options for those recipients receiving the cash sent. Your family or friend can collect their money from their physical offices; they can also get them directly in their bank accounts via the bank transfers and direct deposit to their mobile wallets. WorldRemit also offers airtime top up services directly to their clients’ mobile phones.

Cons of WorldRemit Services

WorldRemit has a limit on the amount of money one can send. Their percentage fees also tend to increase significantly with the increase in money an individual is sending. There are way more affordable money transfer providers with better fee rates that you can use when sending large amounts of money compared to WorldRemit. Any amount larger than 6000 dollars cannot be sent via WorldRemit.

Their services have complex transfer fees. They charge customers in two ways; the normal transfer fee and an amount based on a margin on the exchange rate. The fee also depends on the currency been sent, country transferred to, the amount and the option chosen for delivery.

WorldRemit only works best with online services. It is not possible to work offline, so stable network and internet connectivity is necessary in order to perform transfers. There is no human help to assist in transfers and everything is done online. Phone use is often limited to troubleshooting which may delay the transfers and payment processes.


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  1. WorldRemit services are the best especially if one wants to transfer smaller amounts of money at reasonable costs. It is also great as it allows cash pickup immediately the money has been received. Once a transaction is made the client is informed on the transfer time expected.

    • Their services charges are transparent and they make customers aware before they can make any final decisions on money transfers. They are also very proactive and put extra effort to work with local partners so as to help in keeping the costs low.

      • Money transfer services by WorldRemit are safe and efficient. Transferring of money is quite quick and your money’s safety is guaranteed. No transfer is initiated before money has been received by WorldRemit. Customer funds are separately held according to regulatory standards and transferred to recipients as soon as possible. They also have security features that help in protecting customer data.

        • Poor customer service has been reported by most clients. Customers have had long waits in order to speak to a customer care representative. Sometimes there are great delays in the money transfers and the recipients have to wait longer for their cash. These delays are often due to banks policies or the set compliance issues.

          • Customers’WorldRemit accounts are usually deactivated. This happens due to failure to comply with the set regulatory requirements. It may be because of lack of address verification or a missing ID. For large cash transfers, additional documents are asked for such as the source of funds. If one does not provide the documents on time, the account will be deactivated for security reasons.

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