WorldFirst is an international money transfer company founded in 2004 and is based in London. This money transfer provider serves both individuals and businesses and allows online foreign exchange around the world. Making international payments and money transfers is easy with WorldFirst. Clients are able to choose from a variety of foreign currencies and convert it to their desirable currency. It allows the transaction of more than 180 currencies worldwide. WorldFirst has a straightforward three-step system for their money transfers. Customers only need to create accounts with the company then initiate their transfer processes and the money shall be sent to the recipient.

For those in businesses, WorldFirst specializes in business transfers, it helps companies to pay salaries to their employees easily, make any necessary payment to their suppliers as well as the handling of imports and exports. It also boasts of great exchange rates that have a smaller margin compared to banks. It even gives their customers an option to lock in an exchange rate for as long as three years before transferring and sets up any recurring payments. WorldFirst allows access of their app by smart phones and even a smart watch. Other features in this company include; exchange rate alerts, live rates and graphs and a tiered exchange rate system. It has transparent and competitive foreign exchange fees.

Pros of WorldFirst services

WorldFirst services are affordable as it offers minimal transfer fees. For all their personal transfers it is absolutely free for transactions above 10,000 dollars and the businesses pay a fee rate of between ten and thirty dollars as their transaction fees. Exchange rates are low as they are priced at 0.50% , 0.15% and 0.25% based on the amount that is transacted.

The company has flexible sending options for their customers. To be able to deal with the ever changing business dynamics, WorldFirst has worked around the exchange rate variations. It gives spot contracts for those one time transfers, recurring payment options and forward contracts so that clients are able to lock in rates for future transfers.

WorldFirst Company deals with over 180 currencies. This makes it absolutely convenient for all customers who may want to transfer money internationally. They are able to choose from a variety of currencies and get whatever currency is suitable for their intended recipient. It is also a great advantage for clients that trade with exotic currencies.

WorldFirst offers customized services for their customers. They have invested in products and extra support for market place exchange and e-commerce clients. This enables clients to get the best rates and benefit from advice for anyone who would like to trade with exchange marketplace option.

This company has one of the best customer service experiences. The customer care agents are reliable, patient and very understanding. Their help can be accessed via phone calls or live chat. They are absolutely efficient as they extensively answer questions in a multiple of areas and assist customers through the process. The customer care representatives are available during week days throughout working hours and their response is quick.

WorldFirst has a mobile app that is available in Google Play and App Store and can be downloaded freely by personal customers. The app makes money transfer easy and fast for their customers. This app can also be synchronized with an android smart watch to enable money transfers within seconds. Customers with the WorldFirst App are able to make payments, track transfers, view live rates, initiate card payments and get regular market updates.

WorldFirst contains competitive rates for large amounts of money. It offers a Price Promise so that in case their customers manage to get a more favorable rate, then the company will better it. They do this through partnerships with other money transfer providers and the banks.

Cons of WorldFirst Services

They have limited transfer payout options for their customers. Clients are only allowed to make transfers to bank accounts. This is limiting for most people. They do not offer mobile transfers, cash pick up or airtime top up. In case one wishes to use any other payout option they will have to consider a different money transfer provider.

WorldFirst money transfer services are not the best for clients who would want to transfer small amounts of money. They have a higher transfer threshold for money that can be sent. The minimum amount for personal accounts is 1000 dollars which may be high for most customers.

The transfer of money using WorldFirst is not the fastest especially when sending emergency cash. The transfer process may take up to four days and they hardly offer a tracking system to help track the progress of the transfer. This may not be the best option for instant money transfers.


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