MoneyGram is an international money transfer company that was first founded in 1940 in the United States of America. It enables the transfer of money direct to the bank in a simple and fast way. MoneyGram services are currently available in more than 200 countries with their digital platform accessible in over 70 countries. The company’s services can be accessed by walking in physically to their offices, the MoneyGram app or online hence reaching millions of customers globally. Their innovation has put them at the forefront in adjusting and using technology to give their customers the best money transfer services.

MoneyGram services connect consumers and businesses all over the world. Their customers are able to conduct money transfers, pay their bills and perform money orders and process checks in specific markets. Businesses can use MoneyGram for payments and financial services. They help businesses to manage their inventory, prevent fraud activities, expand their portfolio and generate more income. MoneyGram features include prepaid card loads, mobile recharge options, cash payout for sending money and customized data feeds that enable customers to be aware o on time payment notifications. The company has employed more than 380,000 people as Moneygram agents around the world. MoneyGram is one of the largest wire transfers and strives to offer the best services in money transfer.

Pros of MoneyGram Services

MoneyGram trusted and long term customers receive rewards from the company. Their money transfers are discounted automatically and they also get to enjoy specific offers and benefits. This helps in maintaining their loyal customers since they receive a given percentage off the fee during transfers.

MoneyGram services are reliable and trustworthy due to their long term existence. Clients are able to access their money any time they need it since the company has several accounts worldwide. The existence of bank accounts, virtual accounts and mobile wallets within MoneyGram makes it possible to send money easily to the required recipients both locally and internationally.

This company’s services are fast and efficient with a maximum guarantee of safety. Customers are able to access the payment services for their bills within the time they prefer. Same day payment options are available for clients as well as prepaid debit card programs. Once money is transferred, the recipients get the cash immediately making it quick and convenient.

MoneyGram customer services at the physical locations are professional and polite. They are very efficient and are always willing to help to ensure success in all processes for their customers. They have a trustworthy reputation and take their time to educate their customers on precautions to take in order to prevent fraud and scammers.

This company has a mobile app that is easy to use and contains all their services. The app is efficient and transactions are quickly handled. MoneyGram website is also seamless with very clear and transparent fees and rates. Their online services allow the use of a debit card or bank transfer which makes it easy to transfer money internationally.

MoneyGram has no limit on the minimum amount of money to be transferred. This makes it possible to send little money between people and help in cases of emergencies. Their locations worldwide enable it to be even much more efficient as one is able to walk to their nearest kiosk and collect the cash.

MoneyGram services are convenient and help to connect with loved ones. They have a service where customers are able to send money to inmates in the US as long as they give their correct identification. It helps in the payment of several bills such as health care or child support making it more convenient. One is also able to top up their mobile airtime through MoneyGram, how easy is that?

Cons of MoneyGram services

MoneyGram fees can be relatively high as they charge for the money transfers. The availability of other affordable as well as efficient money transfer providers creates great competition to this company. Customers are charged about 20% of the money that they send. The fees also tend to vary widely based on the different countries one is sending to and where you are sending it from.

They have a tendency to block online customers’ accounts without any valid reason. Despite their long term existence, they have poor communication skills to their clients and hardly inform them if their accounts have been suspended or if there is any existing issue with the systems.

MoneyGram exchange rates are not competitive and can be quite low. This makes their services poor. Their exchange model is not easy to understand as they have mixed up everything making it difficult for the customers to trust them. Their exchange rates also fluctuate constantly and there is need to be very observant to avoid problems.


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  1. Moneygram services are a lot speedier especially if one is willing to pay more. Payment of transfer via a card can take approximately ten minutes which is highly convenient in times of an emergency. Your recipient can get the money at their nearest MoneyGram office or it can also be transferred directly to their bank accounts or wallet.

    • Online services by MoneyGram are easy to use and efficient. Transfers can be conducted online, then get to the nearest MoneyGram outlet for cash payment. All one needs to do is to register for an account with them then decides on the preferred bank or physical outlet before sending your money.

      • MoneyGram offers complete support to their customers through their website or physical visit to their customer care department. Any complaints and issues dealing with fraud are dealt with. They also take time to offer educational resources on how to prevent been scammed n their online website.

        • Complaints and negative reviews from their customers lead to the banning and cancellation of their accounts without any solid reason. When they are approached for clarification, they claim that they are protecting their security and this leads to mistrust of the company.

          • MoneyGram services are available globally with numerous locations making it easy to transfer money in most countries worldwide. Their global existence gives them an upper hand in the market as the transfer of money internationally is guaranteed for their clients.

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