Currencies Direct is a money transfer service company that was founded in 1996. It is a fast growing service provider that currently has more than twenty branches located all over the world. The company provides money transfer services through physical retail and online services. It is a global growth company that has made it possible to employ more than 500 workers globally.

Currencies Direct deals with the exchange of currencies and transfer of money both locally and overseas. They developed a mobile app that made money transfer much easier and faster while reaching more clients around the world. Their services were the highest rated in their industry by Dun & Bradstreet. Currencies Direct ensures that all the money they deal with from their clients are processed in a segregated account for safety.

Their services include the trading of over forty currencies which makes it diverse and a wider range of customers are able to use them. For security reasons, the company takes full responsibility of monitoring the customers’ money and segregation of funds in order to safeguard accounts. The services include both personal and business transfers. Businesses are able to use these services to manage their cash flow, prevent any risks involved with international currencies and maximize the opportunities available overseas. For the personal transfers, clients can buy currencies, make 24 hours money transfer and create rate alerts to help in the purchase of property overseas.

Pros of Currencies Direct

  1. Guarantees safety of clients’ money

Currencies Direct is one of the safest money service firms. They are a well recognized business that is registered by HM Revenue and Customs. They process their customers’ money via segregated bank accounts to ensure maximum safety. They do not allow the bank providers to monitor their clients’ funds at any point. This guarantees that the money is 100% safe.

  1. Simplicity in its usage

Currencies direct guarantees ease in its use. Clients are able to easily sign up for their services via a phone call or online through their app. Money transfers can be done at your own comfort using the Currencies Direct App or via their website. In case you need any assistance, they one can reach your area account manager via a phone call and set up the transfers.

  1. Affordability

There are no charges incurred for personal transfers through Currencies Direct. The customers are able to transfer their funds at zero cost. However, the business transfers contain a small fee that is absolutely customer-friendly. Their exchange rates vary based on the existing rates in the mid markets or banks and they continually update them on their website.

  1. Contains personal features

Currencies direct gives its individual customers access to the same account manager for any assistance so long as you continue transacting with them. This makes it easier to get help in case of any challenges and the personal account managers can even do the money transfers on your behalf. Customers also have multiple currency wallets that hold their balances.

  1. Offers solutions for the online businesses

With the rise of online businesses, Currencies direct offers great solutions to online sellers. The company has the multiple currency feature which allows the use of multiple currency accounts to perform money withdrawal in the major online market places. This includes; Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Overstock and many others.

  1. Transparency is guaranteed

Currencies Direct ensures that their services are transparent and that they are a trust worthy company. It is regulated and authorized by different bodies depending on the location and country. This helps to build trust when customers seek their services. There is an assurance of safety of their funds and transparent deals.

  1. Availability of a multilingual website

The company provides access to their website in several languages. This makes it easier for their clients to get information on the services offered and conduct money transfers without the hindrance of language barrier. The website has Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, French, Chinese and many more languages creating a diverse platform.

Cons of Currencies Direct

  1. Lack of information on exchange rates

Information on the exchange rate margin that the company charges is not available for customers. The customers are not aware of the exchange rates and this results to lack of transparency. Most clients would want to know what rates they are dealing with prior to performing a transfer.

  1. Lack of Currencies Direct App for businesses

The company does not have a mobile app for the business transfers. This makes it difficult for business customers to perform their own money transfers without visiting the company’s office physically or making a call to set up the transfers.

  1. Limited online money transfer

Currencies Direct allows only a minimum of 100 dollars and a maximum of 25000 dollars when performing money transfers online. This limits the cash transfer amounts by customers at their own comfort. Any excess amount will need them to make a phone call to their account manager.


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6 thoughts on “CURRENCIES DIRECT

  1. Currencies Direct has excellent customer service with staff that is willing to help and are very patient.

    The account managers are understanding and guide their customers through the money transfer process via phone calls to ensure the process is successful.

    • Their services are fast and efficient with the use of the mobile app.

      Their phone app has personal features that are easy to use and maneuver. The availability of multiple languages in their website also a bonus making the transfers much easier.

      • Currencies Direct services are reliable with professional staff that is always ready to help in case of any hitches. Together with their compliance team they ensure that your money has been transferred safely while guiding you through the best options.

        • The company has non working software that preys on customers especially small businesses. The system sometimes re-sets the agreed charges and starts charging clients higher rates on the transfer of funds. This is unfair to their clients.

          • Extra charges that may have been incurred due to failure in their software are not refunded even after filing a complaint. They place the blame on the system and the clients still has to pay leading to lack of transparency.

            • Extra charges that may have been incurred due to failure in their software are not refunded even after filing a complaint. They place the blame on the system and the clients still has to pay leading to lack of transparency.

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